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I find looking at recycling bins in my neighborhood quite interesting. You can tell a lot about a household by what they recycle. Normally, there are a lot of cans and bottles – – mostly beer, wine, and soda – – and newspapers.

I don’t get a newspaper, primarily becuase I think that it is wastful. Even if you recycle it, transportation and other costs makes the regular purchase of a large, bulky newspaper, environmetally unsound (in my humble opinion). Anyway, I found

my next-door neignbor’s bins

quite interesting this week. Not that I go snooping mind you. I was just bicycling down the street and the amout of Tide bottles in one family’s bins caught my eye. How is it possible that ONE Family can use 20 bottles of Tide? Even if they have been saving them for a year, I find it hard to understand.

Anyway, that reminded me of the period where I used laundry pellets instead of detergent. They are reusable and very ecological and can clean most clothes without any detergent. I got them from the Real Goods Catalogue. Now that is a catologue that has some great environmental products!!!

Anyway they don’t seem to carry them anymore. However, while searching for them, I did find a really interesting Blog, which I subscribed to using Google Reader. Do you have Google Reader? You probably should (more on that latter). Anyway it is called Inspired Protagonist and they have a post about a video contest:

The deadline for the contest is fast approaching. Check it out:

…Create an actionable, inspiring follow-up to the movie. Videos can discuss various components of daily life including transportation, home and garden, work, recreation, etc., and in this, the subsequent actions being taken to reduce one’s carbon footprint. They should be no less than 1 minute and no longer than 2 minutes in length.

I’ve never made a film before, but I am inspired now.


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