Gas Prices

What’s Going On Here?

WORLD WITHOUT OIL is an alternate reality event, a serious game for the
public good.

It invites everyone to help simulate a global oil shock. People
participate by contributing original online stories, created as though
the oil shock were really happening.

The game’s masters rank the participants (“players”) according to their
contributions to our realistic portrayal of the oil shock. The game
also places value on player-created communities, collaborative stories,
and collective efforts.

Each contribution helps the game arrive at a larger truth. No team of
experts knows better than a given individual what effect an oil shock
would have upon that individual’s life, or what action he or she will
take to cope. Personal reactions to our simulated oil shock, placed in
context with many other points of view, will help us all realize what’s
at stake in our oil-fired culture.


WORLD WITHOUT OIL aims to help fill a huge gap in our nation’s thinking
about oil and the economy. As people everywhere grapple with the
problem of growing global demand for petroleum, no one has a clear
picture of oil availability in the future, nor is there a clear picture
of what will happen when demand inevitably outstrips supply. That will
depend in large part upon how well people prepare, cooperate, and
collectively create solutions. By playing it out in a serious way, the
game aims to apply collective intelligence and imagination to the
problem in advance, and to create a record that has value for
educators, policymakers, and the common people to help anticipate the
future and prevent its worst outcomes. “Play it, before you live it.”

Read the manifesto written by our characters.


The team at Writerguy is producing WORLD WITHOUT OIL, ITVS Interactive
(Independent Television Service) is presenting it, and the Corporation
for Public Broadcasting is funding it. An Independent Lens
Web-exclusive presentation (PBS), WORLD WITHOUT OIL is an ELECTRIC
SHADOWS project (ITVS).

World Without Oil is an original work of fiction. Any similarity
between its characters and real people, living or dead, is purely
coincidental. Especially Chuckles. Copyright 2007 by Writerguy LLC.


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