Peace Corps Writers 2007 Award Winners


Paul Cowan Non-Fiction Award

Monique and the Mango Rains

by Kris Holloway

(Mali 1989–91)

Maria Thomas Fiction Award


by Tony D’Souza

(Cote D’Ivorie 200-02,

Madagascar 2002-03)

Award for Best Poetry Book

Wild Women with Tender Hearts

by Patricia S. Taylor Edmisten

(Peru 1962–64)

Award for Best Travel Writing

Ginseng, the Divine Root

by David A. Taylor

(Mauritania 1983-85)

Award for Best Children’s Writing

The Roaring Twenty —

The First Cross-Country Air Race for Women

by Margaret Blair

(Thailand 1975–77)

Moritz Thomsen

Peace Corps Experience Award

“Maid in Morocco”

by Orin Hargraves

(Morocco 1980-82)


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