Wild Chronicles

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Shark video podcast

Shark Warnings

Take a dive into the world’s oceans with Wild Chronicles. A team of
oceanographers is issuing an important warning. Not a warning that we
should fear for our safety, but for the safety of one the deep blue
sea’s most deadly creatures…Sharks.

Tracking Philippine Eagles

Wild Chronicles flies to the Philippines where a group of
conservationists are tracking a powerful and majestic predator on the
edge of extinction.

Saving Florida’s Black Bears

Beachfront homes and sunny weather make up a picture-perfect image of
Florida. So where do the bears fit in? Florida is still home to a
variety of wild animals, but increasing development may be carving up
their habitats quickly. Wild Chronicles follows a group of
conservationists and ranchers as they work together to make room for
Florida’s native black bears.

Herring Hazards

Wild Chronicles dives into a big fish story. While the fish themselves
may not be large in size, a herring’s importance as a source of food in
the ocean is bigger than people know. Conservationists fear fishermen
may be depleting this marine resource and hope they can do something
about it.

Lost World Rescue

Wild Chronicles ventures to the jungles of Guyana–deep into the
jungles of Guyana with an intrepid band of National Geographic
scientists. Their mission is to collect and document the fascinating
plants and animals that survive in this extreme wilderness. In a
dangerous turn of events, their own survival hangs in the balance.


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