Inspire Connect Change is a social action network™ where you connect actions to entertainment to make change.

Join TakePart today:

– Get inspired by entertainment: films, television, music, books and online media
– Connect relevant social actions to the entertainment you love

– Add your own user generated content and actions to the mix 

– Create your personal action dashboard + challenge yourself and others to make change

Who is Participant Media?

Participant Media, the company behind AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH; SYRIANA; GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK; DARFUR NOW; THE KITE RUNNER; CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR and the upcoming releases CHICAGO 10 and THE VISITOR, was founded of the belief that entertainment can inspire social change in the world. But Participant’s commitment to inspiring social change goes beyond producing and financing film, TV and home video content.

The company decided to establish a social action network where people interested in making a difference would have access to the information they need on a variety of issues, including those tied to Participant projects, with the ability to interact with, learn from and inform other like-minded individuals and non-profits from all over the world.


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