Another (short) Film About A Local Hero

A Short film about another local hero, Charlie Koiner, will be shown next month at Silver DocsFilm Festival. I was not involved in this production, but have filmed Charlie numerous times and had thought that a film needed to be done about him. The film will screen three times. Tuesday’s premiere is a free outside screening in The Ellsworth Plazza.

Charlie Koiner

Run time: 10 min. | USA

In the heart-warming short CORNER PLOT, 89-year-old Charlie Koiner cares for a one-acre piece of farmland that rests just inside the beltway of urban Washington DC. With help from his daughter, Charlie continues to work the land and share the fruits of his labor at the local farmer’s market. In a rapidly changing modern world, this unique farmer remains dedicated to the life he has always known.

9:30 PM Tue, Jun 22
Silver Plaza – Outdoor
screens with MICROCOSMOS | Marie Pérennou, Claude Nuridsany 1996

9:00 PM Fri, Jun 25 AFI Silver Theater 3
screens with Shorts Program 5

11:15 AM
AFI Silver Theater 2 Sat, Jun 26
screens with Shorts Program 5

Further details will be posted on the website I created for Charlie as they become available. We are hoping he will speak at one of the screenings.


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