YES, I’m still alive

Dear loyal readers, (actually I do have them), it has been quite a while since my past post. For that I apologize. There are many worthy mouse clicks out there and I have not been highlighting them for you.

I think my favorite websites these days are radio stations. In particular, KCRW for eclectic modern music, particularly Morning Becomes Eclectic, KRCC for eclectic music both new and old, and WXPN’s

I also like to listen to KCRCC’s HD2 station in the morning. It broadcasts Radio Netherlands news in Spanish,La Matinal

Till recently, I would listen to BBC Mundo in Spanish, but they seem to have gone from a daily show to a weekly show.

Obviously, I love my local public radio stations, but sometimes I need some variety. Which brings me to another topic, National Public Radio (NPR).

Granted NPR has been getting some unfavorable attention recently. However, there is nothing like NPR anywhere on dial, and no better source of news anywhere, far better than anything even on TV for that matter. So why is Congress considering cutting funding for NPR stations? Without a doubt, we need to conserve federal resources, but cutting NPR is like poking out your eye to spite your face. It makes no sense, unless of course Congress wants Americans to be blithering, uninformed, idiots. Is that what they want? NPR’s show called “On the Media,” did a very good job of exposing the conservative activist who is partially responsible for the latest anti-NPR rhetoric. What cannot be denied is that NPR provides high quality news and unbiased analysis, something that is hard to find on radio or TV. It also upholds extremely high standards for journalistic excellence, regardless of what its critics believe.

If you reply upon NPR, to keep you informed and/or entertained (This American Life, Car Talk, etc…), please make sure you speak out and put up some financial support of your own behind your local public radio station. I doubt that the Senate would be foolish enough to cut NPR’s funding, but it would not hurt to let your Senator know how important NPR is to you and your community. Preventing local NPR affiliates from using federal funds to buy NPR programming is a despicable ploy by Congress to pull the rug out from under the American people. Don’t let them do it.

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