New Album: Strike the Root

Professor Lawrence Lessig (and others) set to music. Not quite Gil-Scott Hereon, but insightful non-the-less. 
Listen for free to this album, or better yet, buy it for everyone on your holiday gift list. Proceeds go towards fighting for democracy.

Strike the Root Artbook coverccMixter is proud to release Strike the Root — its new concept album in support of Rootstrikers everywhere, getting money out of politics. The album features Professor Lawrence Lessig, Loveshadow, Snowflake, Jeris, Alex Beroza, Abstract Audio, Mind Map That, spinningmerkaba, Admiral Bob, Copperhead, Fireproof Babies and many other beloved ccMixter artists.

The ccMixter community created over 100 remixes of original songs, poetry, and for the Strike the Root Remix Project

Rootstrikers has just joined forces with MSNBC’s host Dylan Ratigan’s “Get Money Out” campaign with a new organization called United Republic.

To enjoy Strike the Root as a CD-quality download, join the ccMixter Green Room. To obtain a physical copy of the Strike the Root CD-Artbook, join the ccMixter Blue Room. For a signed copy of Lessig’s new book Republic Lost along with the he Strike the Root download and physical CD-artbook, join the ccMixter Purple Room. All contributions are shared with the artists and nonprofits United Republic and


One thought on “New Album: Strike the Root”


    The Root
    By Snowflake
    Edited by Donkey Horse Mule

    We are embedded in the system at its very root.
    We need the system – for our water
    Our food, our fuel, our shelter.
    We are utterly dependent upon it.
    The system is designed to create dependency. It’s so much easier to control those who need.

    Despite faithfully feeding this hypnotizing system,
    it has failed us.
    Its puppeteers gambled
    Our money, our resources, our democracy, our sustenance.
    And lost.
    And then they got bailed out, at our cost.
    Their fiduciary failure was rewarded with lavish bonuses and golden parachutes.
    Decadence is never enough when money is your master.

    Gandhi said, “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.”

    We’ve been striking at evil’s branches. If money is at the root of all evil, perhaps it is time to Strike the Root.

    How? Unplug. Our money is power.
    Stop buying what they are selling.

    Instead? Give our money to local farms instead of the subsidized, monopolized agricultural conglomerate.

    Give our money to small business – not big international chains siphoning community funds for the excessive elite.

    Give our money to our children for education, not for weapons that kill other people’s children.

    Give our money to enrich our health, instead of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture addiction.

    Give our money to restore the environment around us, upon which all life depends, instead of mountain-topping and off-shore drilling.

    Give our money to innovation, not industries bound for certain obsolescence.

    Give our money to creators, not looters.

    Turn off the television. Grow a garden. Ride a bicycle. Write. Read. Dance. Sing.

    Feed our Souls. Follow our dreams.

    Strike this root chord of a new scale, together. Sing a new song, of awareness, kindness and harmony.

    Resonate at the root – with Love.


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