Anacostia River Trail loop

Today, I completed a very nice loop on the Anacostia River Trail. I ride my bike every day, but I almost never just go out just for a ride.  However, this is a great 40-60 minute loop that anyone can do very easily.  If you live in DC, you should do it at least once.  It is very beautiful!! 

The loop I rode, is highlighted in red.

Anacostia River Trail Loop
Anacostia River Trail Loop

I started at Stanton Park, then went south and then east on Pennsylvania Ave. (passing near Eastern Market, which was not open yet), and then south on 11th St.

I then crossed the river on the brand new 11th St SE bridge, which has a very wide pedestrian walkway.  I then arrived in a part of Anacostia that I had never before visited.  I noticed also a CapitalBikeShare station (Good Hope Rd & MLK Ave SE) and a sign indicating that the Anacostia Metro station was half a mile away.

I then paralleled the river until I got to Benning Road, where there is also a CapitalBikeShare station (Anacostia Ave & Benning Rd NE / River Terrace).

During this stretch, I saw maybe 4-5 runners and some rowers on the river.  It was a gorgeous ride and I recommend it to anyone with a bike or a willingness to get on a BikeShare bike.  It could take you 20-30 minutes going at a very relaxed pace.  It is completely on bike path, no traffic to deal with.

I went east on south side of the sidewalk on Benning Road, and passed the entrance to Kingman Island.  I  then resumed on west side of the River Trail heading south past the Stadium and past the boat houses and yacht clubs where I took these photos:

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

For more info see:



I did the loop in reverse today (December 21, 2013) and made this video.


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