Peace Corps History and the Peace Corps Archive

Were you a Peace Corps Volunteer?  If so, please consider donating letters, diaries, and/or other items to the Peace Corps Archive at American University.

I made the video above about the Peace Corps Archive at a recent history event organized by Jesse Bailey who is the Historian of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Washington (RPCV/W).  He moderated a panel discussion about the history of RPCV/W.  The participants were all former board members of RPCV/W.  There were even many audience members who were very steeped in the history of the Peace Corps.  The event lasted more than 2 hours.  Here is a teaser:

Part one of the panel discussion can be found here:


One thought on “Peace Corps History and the Peace Corps Archive”

  1. Erik, thanks for making these “teaser” video clips and for helping to get the word out about the Peace Corps Community Archive at American University (AU). The unique repository at AU, documenting the stories and contributions of Peace Corps Volunteers throughout the world, will get richer over time and with each deposit of material.

    I hope you inspire more and more returned Peace Corps Volunteers to preserve their letters, photos (annotated with names, dates and place), journals and reports by donating them directly or by directing their families to do so through codices in their wills.

    Learn more about donating materials by checking out:

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