I just watched Roma on Netflix.  It transports the viewer to Mexico City in the 1970s.  The cinematography is outstanding, shot entirely in black and white. The plot is compelling and the characters are very real. There is plenty of drama and emotion, but also a lot of tranquil long-held shots without human characters. This gives the built environment a role in the film.  The sets are recreated with exactitude and the soundscape is also compelling.  Combined, these attributes almost place the viewer into the scenes. The indigenous maid, Cleo, plays the staring role, and her relationships with the other characters is quite impactful, and reminiscent of the role played by Viola Davis in The Help.

As an aside, apparently, despite being nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Davis says she regrets doing that role.

Cleo is played by Yalitza Aparicio, a pre-school teacher from Oaxaca, who is making a lot of waves for a first time actress.


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