The time to act is NOW!

Folks, Time is ticking for the planet and for the video contest. Let’s get moving. It is time to act. Check out the first entries:


Excerpts from Time Magazine’s “best of” lists

Time Magazine’s Top 25 Lists
of 2006


Top 10 pod casts of 2006


Top 10 Websites of 2006 picked Green Maven as # 9.  It uses Google’s Co-op Search technology to
search only Green MBA approved websites and news.


TIME’S 50 Coolest

Many of this year’s choices are shining examples of Web 2.0:
next-generation sites offering dynamic new ways to inform and entertain, sites
with cutting-edge tools to create, consume, share or discuss all manners of
media, from blog posts to video clips.

Sites We Can’t Live Without

From TIME’S finalists from years past, sites that continue
to impress us with new content and features and
deserve a spot on anyone’s must-click list



The place to go to create your own blog; tools are
powerful and easy to use, and it’s free

This wildly popular portal of classified ads serving more than 300 cities in
the U.S. and
across the globe recently expanded its real estate listings, and helps power HousingMaps
a mash-up that locates properties for sale using Google
Maps. (Craigslist charges
fees to real estate brokers in New York
and for job ads in New York, San
Francisco and Los
Angeles, but is otherwise free.)
Picks apart speeches, press releases, TV ads and other
public statements by politicians of all stripes to set the record straight

This public showroom for personal pics is one of the
fastest-growing social networks on the Web, and now it has a blog

What started as the Web’s best search engine has become a jack-of-all-trades,
offering all sorts of free applications, from Spreadsheets and Calendar to Picasa (for digital photos) and Gmail. There’s Google Scholar, which lets you search for academic
papers on any topic, and Google Finance (nice charts!); Google
has inspired countless “mash-ups” including Register for a free account and you can personalize your
home page too. Click here, for
a menu of features and services that have officially launched; go to Google
for the new stuff that’s still in beta (such as Spreadsheets). The unaffiliated (but lovingly devoted) has
helpful tips and advice for making the most of all things Google. Read more about some of Google’s latest-greatest features
in the TIME archives.

Computer-tech tips and tricks to help you save time, and keep you sane; sister-blog Gizmodo gives up all the latest gadget news. Too mainstream for you? Best to
head over to our favorite geek-convention,

Public Radio

Not to miss: NPR podcasts,
NPR music, NPR This I Believe, NPR Stories

Blog finder that keeps getting better while the blogosphere gets bigger. Searches are
faster and more accurate, and now you can personalize the home page; a new Discover section
provides a round-up of top posts by topic. Newcomer Sphere is also worth a look.

A real Web wonder: this massive, collaborative online encyclopedia is written,
edited, and maintained primarily by volunteers; some 1.3 million articles in
English, and millions more in 228 other languages


Video Contest @

I find looking at recycling bins in my neighborhood quite interesting. You can tell a lot about a household by what they recycle. Normally, there are a lot of cans and bottles – – mostly beer, wine, and soda – – and newspapers.

I don’t get a newspaper, primarily becuase I think that it is wastful. Even if you recycle it, transportation and other costs makes the regular purchase of a large, bulky newspaper, environmetally unsound (in my humble opinion). Anyway, I found

my next-door neignbor’s bins

quite interesting this week. Not that I go snooping mind you. I was just bicycling down the street and the amout of Tide bottles in one family’s bins caught my eye. How is it possible that ONE Family can use 20 bottles of Tide? Even if they have been saving them for a year, I find it hard to understand.

Anyway, that reminded me of the period where I used laundry pellets instead of detergent. They are reusable and very ecological and can clean most clothes without any detergent. I got them from the Real Goods Catalogue. Now that is a catologue that has some great environmental products!!!

Anyway they don’t seem to carry them anymore. However, while searching for them, I did find a really interesting Blog, which I subscribed to using Google Reader. Do you have Google Reader? You probably should (more on that latter). Anyway it is called Inspired Protagonist and they have a post about a video contest:

The deadline for the contest is fast approaching. Check it out:

…Create an actionable, inspiring follow-up to the movie. Videos can discuss various components of daily life including transportation, home and garden, work, recreation, etc., and in this, the subsequent actions being taken to reduce one’s carbon footprint. They should be no less than 1 minute and no longer than 2 minutes in length.

I’ve never made a film before, but I am inspired now.

Hello world!

Welcome! This Blog will share with you information about organizations, authors, books, and media to make your life (and the lives of those around the planet) a little better (or at least a little more informed).


My favorite books tend to be about people engaged in personal exploration or real-life struggle. I particularly recommend authors like Steinbeck (In Dubious Battle), Upton Sinclair (The Jungle), Jack London, and Biographer Irving Stone (For the Defense). Some of my more contemporary favorites are John Nichols (Milagro Beanfield Trilogy), Barbara Kingsolver (Animal Dreams), John Irving (A Prayer for Owen Meany), Rohinton Mistry (A Fine Balance), Harry Thomas Danvers (Tecun), Edward Abbey, Sherman
, Jennifer Harbury, Eric Schlosser, Marion Nestle (Food Politics), and Marc Linder. Having been a Peace Corps Volunteer, I particularly like some of the novels and biographies written by retuned volunteers (i.e. Susan Lowerre, Moritz Thomsen, Mike Tidwell)

Public Media

Public Radio
favorities include WPFW for news and WXPN, KRCC, and KCRW
for music. They all stream live on-line.
Favorite shows: Democracy Now, Living on Earth,

Internet Radio, an internet radio station where you are the DJ and can play any song you like. It will also introduce you to artists similar to the ones you select

Social Media

Other Organizations

On-line Film Festivals

They’re short, sometimes sweet and easy to digest. The short form film has gone digital. Today, thanks to the Internet, they’re as close as your computer.
Check out